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12 August 2009 @ 01:11 am
This is my first foray into the realm of animated icons, so I'm sorry if they're crap. I'm not sure Avatar icons are in-demand right this second, but I've been obsessing over Zuko lately, so yeah.

I sincerely hope Godric lives through another episode of True Blood. Firstly -- he's awesome. Secondly -- I wonder what else he has in his closet besides the tunic and the grey sweater. Christ, I need school to start. I'm writing like a five-year-old.

01 - 01 | white ninja
02 - 23 | avatar: the last airbender
24 - 38 | true blood
39 - 49 | chelsea fc
50 - 50 | kaka

must carve in Latin or in GreekCollapse )
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17 June 2009 @ 04:41 pm
01-12 | Where the Wild Things Are
13-13 | The Giving Tree
14-15 | 30 Rock
16-21 | The Princess & the Frog
22-27 | Japanese woodblock prints
28-36 | Volkswagen
37-50 | The Beatles

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14 June 2008 @ 01:12 am
01-25 | Arctic Monkeys
26-35 | Germany NT
36-45 | Spain NT
46-46 | Philippe Senderos
47-48 | Thierry Henry
49-51 | Netherlands NT
52-63 | Shia LaBeouf
64-65 | Andy Samberg

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07 August 2007 @ 11:25 pm
01-12 | greek
13-23 | gaspard ulliel
24-37 | hp kids; out of character
38-40 | odds & ends

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06 July 2007 @ 05:32 am
Our Copa run was short-lived, but it served its purpose. We didn't score much, and we didn't win a single game, but the experience of such a competition was probably invaluable to several of the players. Considering the squad Bradley brought, I really don't think he intended to storm Venezuela anyway.

maracaibo? barinas! 50 pictures of the usmnt.Collapse )
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17 June 2007 @ 09:51 pm
I spent the first half of the day raiding kat_on_football's journal, and the second half flipping out because REAL MADRID ARE THE CHAMPIONS. This is my first full season following Madrid, and it was nothing short of fantastic.

One of my best friends is a diehard Barça supporter, and it pains me to see her so down, especially when I just went through the same thing with Chelsea, but holy crap, I haven't been this giddy in ages. I cried as though I'd grown up loving this club; the absolute relief on Iker's face, as tears streamed down his face, the pain in Ruud's eyes when his injury forced him out of the game, it was too much.

I really can't think straight right now. The league trophy for Madrid and the Pichichi for Ruud; amazing. Goodbye Roberto Carlos, and hello Becks, I guess, considering he's coming to my home country. I'm looking forward to having Metze next season.

01-15 | Real Madrid
16-27 | Sweden NT [Zlatan & Henke, really]
28-34 | England NT
35-35 | Hlebregas!
36-40 | Gary Neville's wedding

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22 May 2007 @ 09:55 pm
It's been a year coming -- I've fought it, I swear. But I can't help it; I'm in love with Ricardo Kaka. Tomorrow should be pretty decent, really. I'll ogle Kaka in true fangirl fashion, from my room, and then I'll drive over to Giants Stadium to see the Rep. of Ireland play Ecuador. (omgomgomg!) I don't even care that it's barely the senior team; John O'Shea is set to wear the armband, and Kevin Doyle and Shane Long will be present. That's more than enough for me.

Today, on the other hand, was a completely different story. (Read: it failed. Hard. Core.) However! I got a large, white envelope addressed to Frau Cassiopeia, and was completely baffled for a moment. I'm all, "No one I know would send me German correspondence - OMG!!" It was the Bayern Munich catalog I requested months ago. I'm surprised it came, considering I put "NJ" as my house number. Because I'm officially retarded.

Anyway! Thirty-three new icons: still don't know how I feel about them, honestly.

01-08 | Kaka
09-10 | Arsenal
11-12 | Nando
13-13 | Gattuso
14-21 | Real Madrid
22-30 | Chelsea
31-33 | Maldini


P.S. Help, please? I started working on my layout yesterday, and I realized that the tags page disappeared. How do I fix it so that it's not... hideous?
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Forget the Premiership, we've got the FA Cup.

I'd say it restored the equilibrium, but then, it was the second trophy this season, for Chelsea, now wasn't it? (I'm an ass.)

While I'm still pretty ticked off at FSC for never showing anything I want to see, I have to admit, waking up to "Chelsea 1 - 0 Manchester United" was, as they say, sweet. Everyone bitches about the one-nil wins, but it was more than enough today; I won't knock it.

Anyway, I figured this called for a picspam, so here it is, eight hours later - wtf, I know. I'm slow.

Ignore the captions; I'd intended to use them to help me organize the pictures, but then it just got a little ridiculous. And they're still not really organized. Oh well.

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On Sunday, I wrote this depressing Congratulations on the title, you lousy Mancs entry, complete with laughter-inducing Bill McCulloch youtube videos, and pictures of the Arsenal v. Chelsea game, but then I never posted it. It still frustrates me when I consider what could have been, but in truth, I am happy for Giggsy. Which basically, barring the latter half of that sentence, sums up my sentiments on the Chelsea v. United game today. I watched the live score page on goltv.tv, wondering if the site was broken. Nil all; honestly, what a waste of a game. FA Cup final? Should be awwwesome. Oh, God.

In other news, I"m not looking forward to the summer transfer window.Collapse )

Also, might I add a bold faced WTF?! David Moyes, you shithead. Rarely do I hold grudges against players, managers, or referees (because really, they don't exactly impact my ability to function as a human being), but there are a few men in the world of football that I just cannot stand. (Graham Poll, for instance.) Off the top of my head, my two most hated players are probably Craig Bellamy and Fabio Grosso. I've never liked Joey Barton, but he's quickly climbing his way to the top of my shitlist. I think the fucker should be banned from the sport altogether, and yet managers everywhere are clamoring to sign him now that Man City are finally dumping his ass? Actually, maybe I do hold grudges; I hate Everton as a whole (minus Tim Cahill!), and have disliked Moyes since he sued - threatened to sue? - Wayne Rooney, but this just tops it. How stupid can he get?

Five more random (Cristiano, Crouchy, and Titi) videos you should waste your time watching.Collapse )
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25 April 2007 @ 06:47 pm
the sole & therefore winning goal, at that.

I had a feeling he would do it today. Seeeriously.Collapse )

Between this and getting to watch Bush dance like a moron on the news, I really don't know how anything is going to top today for a while.

p.s. There is absolutely no point in tagging my entries, seeing as they're all about Chelsea/Joe Cole. I guess I'll calm that down, or something. Possibly. D:
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